Introducing the first cohort of Y&Y Fellows from Latin America

November 19, 2020

With the support of Professor Muhammad Yunus, since 2014, Yunus & Youth has trained more than 4,500 people in 65 countries, expanding its resources to multiply its impact and building a community whose purpose is to generate a positive impact in the world.

The Y&Y Fellowship Program is designed to accompany early stage social entrepreneurs to develop sustainable solutions. Virtual, free and lasting six months, the program empowers young social entrepreneurs through training, mentoring with experts from the corporate sector, and access to a global community of entrepreneurs.

This 2020 we are very excited about the launch of the first edition of the program in Spanish and with a focus on Latin America. On this occasion, emphasis was placed on supporting social entrepreneurs who contribute to mitigating the effects of COVID-19 and we have the support of the UNDP Argentina Acceleration Laboratory and Google. After reviewing more than 340 applications and interviewing more than 70 entrepreneurs, it was time to present the first batch of Y&Y Fellows LATAM!

This inaugural batch is made up of 18 Y&Y Fellows from 8 different countries in Latin America. Their undertakings contribute to the fulfillment of 10 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They have solutions in various areas such as education, health, job creation and gender equality.

To learn more about their social ventures and stories, click on their names and don’t forget to follow us on our social networks to find out about all our news and opportunities.

    • Andrea de Remes, Mexico, 25 years old.
      Erandi Aprende is an educational, playful and personalized online platform that seeks to make quality learning for each girl and young person in science and technology matters. With the help of an avatar and artificial intelligence, they bring them the necessary resources to excel in these areas. Its mission is to empower girls and young women in STEM areas and reduce the gender gap that currently exists in this area. UN SDG: Quality education (4), Gender equality (5), Reduction of inequalities (10).
    • Dan Nativ, Argentina, 33 years old.
      QXM seeks to solve a historical problem in the ecosystem of services (plumbing, painting, etc.) by building a digital and transparent community. Its primary objective is to generate greater employability, social security, lower unemployment and better opportunities for all parties, functioning as a meeting point between workers and clients. The task to be carried out is budgeted in an open and transparent way, and it is the client who chooses based on reputation, price, proximity or the differential that is most important to them. At the same time, QXM works on a system of training and certifications that strengthen the personal and professional development of workers. UN SDG: Decent work and economic growth (8), Reduction of inequalities (10), Sustainable consumption and production (12).
    • Federico Bayle, Argentina, 32 years old.
      Dymaxion Labs maps informal settlements from satellite imagery (or drones), terrain data, and artificial intelligence techniques. UN SDG: Reduce Inequalities (10), Sustainable Cities and Communities (11), Strengthen the means of implementation and rekindle the global partnership for sustainable development (17).
    • Federico Kohen, Argentina, 26 years old.
      Helpers aims to create an international social network of volunteers trained to help people at risk, saving lives and helping people with humanitarian and emotional needs. Through an advanced technology based on geolocation, and an intelligent management and data analytics system, it allows people who need help to connect in real time with people who can help. Helpers volunteers are trained in CPR, DEA, to respond to basic emergency situations, assistance in case of trauma, among others. UN SDG: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages (3), Reduction of inequalities (10).
    • Gabriela Delgado, Peru, 24 years old.
      Juntas is an ally of adolescents for their emotional and comprehensive education. It is the first comprehensive sexual education platform in Peru co-designed with adolescents and with access to professionals for consultation. They also develop physical products aimed at parents or caregivers so they can guide conversations around the well-being of their children and create spaces of trust. UN SDG: Guarantee a healthy life and promote well-being for everyone at all ages (3), quality education (4), Gender equality (5), Reduction of inequalities (10).
    • Isis Féliz, Dominican Republic, 30 years old.
      Doventicrd stands for Technology Friendly Teacher (Docente Amigo de la tecnología). It is a program that offers training to teachers, organization of the management system, orientation to parents and advice in the educational field. UN SDG: Quality education (4), Reduction of inequalities (10).
    • Jose Adolfo Quisocala Condori, Peru, 15 years old.
      Cooperativa del Student Bartselana is a social enterprise that links environmental education with financial inclusion. It works like a bank for children by delivering “Eco Monedas” in exchange for solid waste. UN SDG: Decent work and economic growth (8), Climate Action (13), Partnerships to achieve the goals (17).
    • Lara Pizarro, Argentina, 21 years old.
      Hexar is a platform for educational video games in science, mathematics and 21st century competitions for students between the ages of eleven and eighteen. It provides schools and teachers with educational video games to transform the way that games are taught and learned globally. UN SDG: quality education (4), Reduction of inequalities (10).
    • Lourdes Mikalef, Brazil, 18 years old.
      Minha was born with the objective of helping against the situation of 50% increase in cases of domestic violence in Brazil during social isolation. In order to help women in situations of violence, they are developing an application that promotes the connection of the victim with psychologists to schedule teleconsultations, and provide information on domestic violence in a simple and accessible way. UN SDG: Gender equality (5), Reduction of inequalities (10).
    • Luisa Romero, Colombia, 26 years old.
      Get Up and Go Colombia works with tourism for the construction of peace, promoting sustainable tourism and the generation of entrepreneurship, to empower communities previously affected by the armed conflict in Colombia, through activities and projects that contribute to the construction of peace and socio-economic development. UN SDG: Decent work and economic growth (8), Peace, justice and strong institutions (16).
    • Maria Fernanda Cabrera, Guatemala, 28 years old.
      Sisu Guatemala is dedicated to the design, manufacture and commercialization of products made and embroidered by hand by people deprived of their liberty, in order to dignify their lives, giving them a second chance without prejudice. UN SDG: Decent work and economic growth (8), Reduction of inequalities (10), Peace, justice and strong institutions (16).
    • María Norris, Argentina, 31 years old.
      Manos del Monte began as a workshop, meeting and listening space in rural communities in the northwestern Chaco region of Argentina, where they sought to teach the craft of weaving and sewing to more than 150 mothers who live isolated from each other. This is how the Manos del Monte brand was born, which makes and markets sustainable packaging made from textile waste. UN SDG: Reduction of inequalities (10), Sustainable consumption and production (12).
    • Nahomy Manzanarez, Honduras, 24 years old
      ConCOCO is a brand that contributes to the local economy of the Garífuna communities, highlights the community’s contribution to the country’s gastronomic culture, and offers a portfolio of products made with natural ingredients, traditional techniques and without preservatives. UN SDG: Decent work and economic growth (8), Reduction of inequalities (10)
    • Pablo Aguirre, México, 27 years old.
      Meddi is a digital health platform that connects all health providers in the private ecosystem through the use of technology and allows access to quality services to thousands of Mexicans who currently cannot be served due to the high costs or inefficiency of the public sector. UN SDG: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages (3), Reduction of inequalities (10).
    • Renato L. Martínez Cassinelli, Peru, 23 years old.
      Higia is an online platform that connects people with the most appropriate psychologist, thus improving the experience and effectiveness of the sessions. For each scheduled session, a free session is provided. It seeks to eliminate taboos and make psychological care more accessible, and at the same time provide psychoeducational material that is easy to understand. UN SDG: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages (3)
    • Sandra Justo, Peru , 27 years old.
      Ecotrash is an inclusive technological platform that seeks to improve and optimize waste management, creating opportunities for women and young collectors through the use of technology, generating awareness and educating the population. Ecotrash is in charge of connecting collectors with users who have recyclable products such as paper, cardboard and bottles. UN SDG: Decent work and economic growth (8), Reducing inequalities (10), Sustainable cities and communities (11), Climate action (13).
    • Tamara Chayo Romo, Mexico, 20 years old.
      Medu offers sustainable medical apparel, innovating and protecting the world’s medical personnel. UN SDG: Sustainable Consumption and Production (12).

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