Fellows’ Stories

Olga Elizarova – Community-designed solutions

Olga’s journey towards “Play, Collaborate, Change” started in 2016 as a volunteering project within a company, a design agency, she was working for at the time. This experience led Olga to realize that working with a community directly through design thinking helps you understand the true unmet needs in every situation.

Hexar: Video games that transform education

Lara Pizarro, Constanza Criado and Shanick Gauthier Cuello were in high school when they founded Hexar: a board game that became a platform of educational video games to teach science to girls and boys through play.

Nestor Bonilla Somarriba: Blockchain with Social Purpose

The Digital Bonds founders are from Nicaragua, where they gained years of experience in the...

Meet the Yunus&Youth Fellows: Igor Marinelli

What if you could be a superhero in a child’s life?Written by: Marcela Lessa This is the story of a very curious boy who loved exploring and learning new things. At age 10 he learned how to code and hacked into his school’s computers. When the principal called his...

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