Social Impact Leadership Program

How It Works

The Yunus & Youth Social Impact Leadership Program is an online skills-based mentoring program that enables business professionals (Mentors) to apply their knowledge and expertise to empower young social entrepreneurs (Fellows) anywhere in the world, while enhancing their managerial skills at the same time.


Mentors support Fellows in validating their business models and they help them get on the path to becoming financially sustainable.


Mentors and fellows meet online for monthly one-on-one sessions over a period of 6 months.

Time Commitment

2 hours per month on average.


Access to the Y&Y platform that includes clear guidelines based on Lean Start-up and Design Thinking principles.

Understand Value


Business professionals get exposed to a completely new setting, different from their usual work environment.

Mentors work with Y&Y Fellows who can be based anywhere in the world, from Chebukuyi in rural Kenya to the Amazon in Brazil, tackling the world’s most pressing social issues such as employment, education, recycling, health, and food and agriculture. Fellows are working on ideas that integrate new technologies and are focused on promoting diversity, specifically targeting problems faced by women, racial minorities, LGBTQ+, refugees, or persons with disabilities.

95% of mentors would recommend 

the program to their colleagues

“I think mentoring is a great opportunity to share knowledge, help people and learn about the world.”

Y&Y Mentor, CitiGroup Mexico Employee

“The program provided insights and experience I would not have encountered otherwise. This is a great development opportunity to get you out of your comfort zone.”


Y&Y Mentor, CitiGroup USA Employee

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a social business?

As defined by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Muhammad Yunus, a social business is a non-loss, non-dividend company created to address a social purpose. This means that, like a charity, the goal of a social business is to solve a social problem. But because it’s a business, it’s also financially sustainable, ensuring independence, security, and the ability to exclusively focus on creating lasting impact.

Who are the mentees?

Y&Y Fellows are young social business leaders pursuing novel applications that have the potential to solve community-based problems. Find out more about them here.

How does it work?

Mentors and mentees meet online for video calls guided by a support structure provided by Yunus & Youth. A six-month commitment is required with a minimum of two hours per month.

What are the benefits for the mentors?

Mentors are challenged, both professionally and personally, to adapt traditional business strategies to create innovative solutions in non-traditional environments. In this context, mentors develop crucial leadership competencies, such as coaching, active listening, creativity, and adaptability.

Am I qualified to be a mentor?

Our mentors are corporate professionals working in leadership positions. Mentors should be comfortable speaking and communicating in English and should be able to commit to at least 2 hours per month.

Do mentors need to pay to join this program?

Partner corporations pay for their employees to join the program as volunteer mentors. Contact us to learn more about investment packages.

When does the program start?

The program runs once a year, starting in April and finishing in October.