A World of Three Zeros: Insights from the Y&Y Fellows Meeting with Professor Muhammad Yunus

On November 23rd, Y&Y Fellows had one of their most exciting Zoom meetings of 2020. With his...

Introducing the first cohort of Y&Y Fellows from Latin America

Después de revisar más de 340 postulaciones y entrevistar a más de 70 emprendedores ¡llegó el momento de presentar la primera camada de Y&Y Fellows LATAM!

The Power of Community: Learnings from the Y&Y Fellows Worldwide

The Yunus & Youth community of Fellows is present in over 65 countries, and includes youth in...

Y&Y Diversity Manifesto

Yunus & Youth believes diversity is an expression of our individual uniqueness and a powerful condition for collective change. It includes, but is not limited to, our race, ethnicity, nationality and migrant status, language, sexual orientation, gender identity,...

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Welcome to the Y&Y Blog!

Have you heard of social business and wondered what it’s all about? Are you a social entrepreneur facing challenges in your business? Or are you a corporate professional who wants to encourage the next generation of entrepreneurs?  If you answered yes to any of these...

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