Global Fellowship Program for Social Entrepreneurs

How It Works

The Yunus & Youth Fellowship Program is a six-month online program designed to empower young social entrepreneurs and to help them develop their full potential by strengthening their business models, helping them measure their social impact, and defining a scaling strategy.

Mentoring Relationship

Fellows and mentors are matched based on the needs of the entrepreneur and the strengths of the mentor.

Business Plan Development

Fellows join an exclusively curated learning journey designed to address their main needs and challenges.

Final Online Pitch Competition

Fellows have the opportunity to enhance their storytelling and presentation skills by presenting their pitch to an online panel of real investors.

Y&Y Alumni Community

Fellows who complete all mandatory assignments receive a certificate of graduation and join our exclusive network.

What Do Y&Y Fellows Have To Say

“I count myself lucky to have participated in the Y&Y Fellowship Program. It was a great opportunity and there’s no doubt that I have gained a lot in the past six months.“


Y&Y Fellow, Co-Founder and CEO of Angaza Elimu - Kenya

“This kind of support was so valuable and meant I was able to get the most out of this experience in terms of what I was able to learn, and how my business could grow.”


Y&Y Fellow, Founder of The Global Sunrise Project - Canada

Is the Y&Y Fellowship Program for you?

Early-stage startups have particular needs that need to be satisfied in order for them to grow. If your answer to any of the following questions is “yes”, you might be exactly what we are looking for in the Y&Y Fellowship Program.



  • Do you need help refining your value proposition?
  • Do you need help with your go-to-market strategy and access to potential customers?
  • Do you need support with marketing  as well as recruitment and other services associated with rapid growth?
  • Do you need help building financial projections, statements and controls?

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I qualified?

Y&Y Fellows are selected based on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated dedication and commitment to building a social business and solving a social issue in their community;
  • Willingness to receive professional guidance and to work hard to grow and develop their social business;
  • Being the founder, co-founder or having full decision-making power in the organization;
  • Fluency in English;
  • Generally between 18-30 years old with a few exceptions made for outstanding applicants over the age of 30.

Can co-founders or other team members take part in the program as well?

Yes, we enjoy getting to know the different people involved in your social business. Co-founders or any other team members can attend the webinars and have direct contact with us as well. We only ask for one main point of contact.

Do I have to pay to be a Y&Y Fellow?

No, there is no financial cost for the social entrepreneur.

When does the program start?

The program runs once a year, starting in April and finishing in October. Applications for the next cohort start in January.

How is the program structured? Is it entirely online?

Yes, the program is online and delivered through an online platform that you will be able to join once you are selected as a Y&Y Fellow.

Who are the mentors?

The mentors are experienced professionals from established companies that volunteer to help social entrepreneurs develop their full potential.

How much time should I dedicate to the program each week?

Though it varies throughout the program, the course takes, on average, 5 hours per week – however, this is slightly variable depending on your own speed, the status of your social business, and the activity for that week. The time spent on the course will bring direct benefits to your social business. The activities you complete are aligned with the stages your business goes through to become sustainable and scalable.

What happens if I cannot follow through with my responsibilities?

We know all Y&Y Fellows experience different circumstances, are based in different time zones and are faced with individual personal challenges, so we try to keep the communication open, trustworthy, flexible and honest so that we can always reach an agreement and do our best to adapt to the circumstances. However, if the Y&Y Fellow does not comply with what has been asked for, does not meet deadlines and does not communicate proactively to find alternatives, we will remove them from the program and the Y&Y network. We won’t share the information with other partners or save records to deny future opportunities unless the social entrepreneur was taken out of the program for ethical or disciplinary reasons.