Diversity Manifesto Launch: We are ALL invited to the party!

July 24, 2020


On Thursday July 23rd, we hosted our Diversity Manifesto Launch Webinar. This initiative came in light of the events that the world has witnessed regarding diversity and social justice in the past months. As Yunus & Youth, we want to reaffirm our commitment to ensuring diversity in our network and want to keep learning and improving so we can be part of the solution.

During our Live Stream we shared our Diversity Manifesto Video with our Community:

We were joined by 4 of our fellows from different countries to discuss their views on the importance of Diversity in the Social Entrepreneurship field. 


  • Khadija Jallouli from Tunisia who is the CEO of HawKar, a Tunisian startup building an accessible, adapted, and sustainable electric vehicle for people with reduced mobility.
  • Diego Padilla from Peru, an ecofeminist, cisgender gay man, social entrepreneur and youth rights advocate focused on biodiversity and climate change governance.
  • Arthur Lima from Brazil, founder AfroSaúde, a social business that seeks to address racial inequalities in the health system in Brazil.
  • Buchi Nduka from Nigeria, founder of The Amazing Woman; a social enterprise founded for the purpose of ensuring the empowerment and personal development of women and mothers.

We had the amazing opportunity of discussing in depth about the role of diversity for effective social impact, the challenges of increasing inclusion in the social business community and our speakers shared their advice for social entrepreneurs who are underrepresented.  

“The core of a diverse society is that it welcomes everybody. Is the party that we ALL get invited to” Buchi Nduka- The Amazing Woman 

“We are diverse in so many different ways. It’s important for the LGBTQIA+ people to be represented in the Social Entrepreneurship field. We need role models out there to empower the youth”  Diego Padilla – Modelo Foliar 

“We need to create open doors for people experiencing similar problems. We need to be part of the solution. Our voices need to be heard. We need access to education, money, and opportunities. We need our voices to be heard”. Arthur Lima- AfroSaúde

My advice is to persevere, persevere, and persevere. Stay open to diversity, different skill sets, backgrounds, and collaborate with others. This will always bring innovation” Khadija Jallouli – HawKar 

We want to thank our panelists for their time and openness to share their experiences with the Y&Y Community.

Yunus & Youth wants everyone to have tickets to the party, to get together, share, collaborate, enjoy and have a positive impact around the world. 

You couldn’t make it to the webinar? You can find the recording here.

Stay tuned for the awesome events that are to come next month!

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