How to Make You Customer Interviews Succesful

We all know how important is to assign time to have several customer interviews. You must understand what your potential customers gains, pains and jobs are in order to achieve the adequate product market fit.

In this article we provide you quick tips we recommend you to have in mind by the time you start the customer development process.

1. Introduce yourself.


2. Make it casual but professional at the same time. If you are presenting, do it visual, not so much text is recommended. Customers or beneficiaries need to be paying attention to you.
3. Not pitch your product. You are just guessing product market fit, you have to get out of the building and turn your guesses into findings.
4. Assess the market opportunity, market competition & market type.
5. Find patterns, understand the answer of your customers in deep, what they are also trying to say to you? whats underneath their answer?
6. Talk to a significant amount of potential customers and beneficiaries. You want lots of data so you can get insights.
7. Get industry, market and customer insights.
8. Find early evangelists. If your MVP is virtual you can make a soft lunch and understand patterns and improve it when going back to the building.
9. Communicate your discoveries within your team so you are all aligned and think those findings are the right path to your venture.