“The developing world is full of entrepreneurs and visionaries, who with access to education, equity and credit would play a key role in developing the economic situations in their countries. ” – Muhammad Yunus

Our name and our mission are inspired by the work of Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Economist Muhammad Yunus. Like Professor Yunus, we believe in the power of social businesses to empower individuals, improve communities and change the world—we see it happen every day and we can’t wait to tell you all about it.

We started the Y&Y Blog to share with you all the exciting things happening in the world of social business.

At Yunus&Youth, we support young entrepreneurs from around the globe who are developing businesses to solve pressing social problems. They’re creating job opportunities in refugee camps, developing literacy programs in the Philippines and creating apps that connect new mothers to health services in West Africa.

As you can imagine, they have some incredible stories to tell.

We’ll follow the Y&Y Fellows on their inspiring journeys to establish effective, sustainable social businesses. We’ll also be sharing tips and thoughts from industry leaders and experts who support social entrepreneurship.

People all around the world and from all walks of life are joining the social business movement. Stop by the Y&Y Blog to hear about the ways they are making social change happen.