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Sometimes changing the world needs a little help.

We know the power of mentorship and young people. That’s why we take young social entrepreneurs from around the world, connect them with amazing mentors, and give them all the other resources they need to scale their impact.

Yunus&Youth offers a 6-month global fellowship for extraordinary young people running businesses doing good.

By training talented young people and accelerating their social businesses with the right resources, we cultivate a highly capable and impactful next generation of social business leaders. We faithfully believe this is the most effective way to foster progress and economic growth worldwide.

We support hardworking, passionate entrepreneurs building social businesses around the world.


Are you one of them?

If you’re looking to grow your early-stage social business, we can help. Fellows receive a 6-month crash course in business development, an experienced mentor and access to our global network. Join the Y&Y community to grow your business alongside remarkable social entrepreneurs from around the world.

Applications for the Yunus&Youth 2018 Fellowship Program are now open!

[Deadline: March 4th]