Fellows Class 2: 2015-2016 Class

This class represents 26 fellows, 17 countries, and 25 social businesses.

Alex envisions a world where all girls have access to proper education. He created Atma Cycles, a social business that exists to further female education throughout India using the power of bicycles. For every Atma Cycle sold, one is given to a schoolgirl in need so that she may get to school and pull herself and her family out of the poverty cycle.

Alex (Australia)

Founder, Atma Cycles

Ali is determined to use sports to empower young people in marginalized communities to realize their true abilities and fight for their dreams. She created Level Ground Mixed Martial Arts, an athletic training business that offers mentorship, academic advancement, and youth employment opportunities serving regions of Boston where 40% of Latino and 35% of Black youth live in poverty.

Alexandra (USA)

Founder, Level Ground Mixed Martial Arts

Anielle aims to partner with governments and developers to eradicate houselessness currently affecting 2 billion people globally. She created Urban3D, a technology company that focuses on providing 3D printing technologies, cutting edge material science and sustainable urbanism techniques to solve “houselessness”.

Anielle (Brazil)

Founder, Urban 3D

Basant, a former victim herself, dreams of an Egypt free of violence against women. She created Aspire a business that aims to end violence against women. Aspire mobilizes communities to create a cultural shift while empowering women though awareness, education, self-defense classes, and support resources to survivors.

Basant (Egypt)

Founder, Aspire

Camille aims to decrease the high drop-out rates from children left behind by absentee parents. He created PhilSmile, a new payment facility, which enables Overseas Filipinos (OFW) to pay directly for the school of their children back in the Philippines, securing the key goal of OFW. By paying directly the school, PhilSmile reduces remittances costs and reconnects parents and their children.

Camille (Philippines)

Founder, PhilSmile

Geraldine dreams of a Venezuela where young people have opportunities and want to stay and fight for the country’s economic recovery. DoIT! Venezuela gathers local designers/street-sellers and helps them develop as entrepreneurs while establishing stable sales channels.

Geraldine (Venezuela)

Founder, DoIt! Venezuela

Deepak wants to prevent all deaths caused by deathly smoke from open fires estimated at 8 people every minute. He created Dazin, a social enterprise that provides a combination of Fuel Cookies and Gasifying Stoves as an affordable and environmentally friendly cooking energy solution for households in Bhutan.

Deepak (Bhutan)

Founder, Dazin

Diego wants to create a solidarity chain that connects people with other people and nature through reducing waste and creating entrepreneurial opportunities in low income communities. He works at Recidar, a social development based on a reutilization business model. They collect re-usable objects from homes, re-sell them at low prices in poor communities, and make capacity building projects from the sales revenue.

Diego (Peru)


Voce Aprende Agora helps people learn English online attempting to help 97% of the population in South America estimated not to be able to communicate in English resulting in limited career opportunities.

Felipe (Brazil)

Founder, Voce Aprende Agora

Fernando dreams of taking the fundraising aspect out of NGOs duties so they can actually focus on the social cause they were created to address. He created Polen, a tool that generates new ways for people to help causes. Polen allows NGOs to have a constant flow of resources while providing an alternative to people who want to help but don’t have the time or money.

Fernando (Chile)

Founder, Polen

Hendriyadi’s vision is taking 22 million of Indonesian women and their families out of poverty and bringing them to an income level of at least $3 per day. He created Sahabat Pulau, a social enterprise that works on bettering the lives of fishermen’s wives through a production of a fish based Indonesian national snack.

Hendriyadi (Indonesia)

Founder, Sahabat Pulau

Hera aims to establish a global reach to all women facing domestic abuse. She created Chayn, which leverages technology to empower women against violence and oppression so they can live happier & healthier lives.

Hera (UK)

Founder, Chayn

Jezze works for using education as a key enabler for individuals to rise above their present circumstances and have a chance at pursuing their dreams. She created The Carrier Pigeon Project, a fashion e-commerce whose proceeds are used to fund educational scholarships and literacy programs for under-privileged Filipino children. 

Jezze (Philippines)

Founder, The Carrier Pigeon Project

Kakoma works towards a world where there is no threat to public health posed by the mountains of waste in and around Africa’s large cities. He created Quantum Biofuels, a social business that turns industrial, commercial and domestic waste into higher value products. They take waste that would have been dumped on the environment and use it to power the future.

Kakoma (Zambia)

Founder, Quantum BioFuels

Kaoutar’s goal is to eliminate the need for 40% of the population of Morocco to walk for hours to collect water, which is not even clean therefore causing diarrhea, dehydration and sometimes even leading to death. She created Vernet, which brings reliable and responsible water purifications systems to households lacking access to clean drinking water while employing local rural women in the delivery of the solution.

Kaoutar (Morocco)

Founder, Vernet

Keren envisions a fully integrated world free of racism. She created BlueFire, which uses social and artistic events as a means to socially integrate the vast array of cultures and ethnicities in Ireland. BlueFire has already reached over 13,000 people working on pre-emptive measure against the development of ghettos within a framework that fosters an intercultural society.

Keren (Ireland)

Founder, BlueFire

Vince envisions a population that uses data for making appropriate decisions and effective responses before, during and after emergencies or unprecedented crises. He created Tudlo, a disaster awareness and management mobile and web application. Tudlo is a solution that helps people cope with unexpected and uncontrollable events and conditions that affect their lives.

Vince (Philippines)

Founder, Tudlo

Lye aims to tackle the failure in the Irish migrant integration system he was once part of. He created the House of AKI-NA, a lifestyle brand dedicated to empowering migrant women through design. Their products are handmade bow-ties and pocket squares.

Lye (Ireland)

Co-Founder & CEO, The House of AKI-NA

Olumide aims to tackle youth unemployment in Nigeria through providing more sustainable self employment opportunities to skilled artisans. He created Twim Academy, a vocational school that builds entrepreneurial minds in the media arts.

Olumide (Nigeria)

Founder, Twim Academy

Pierre dreams of a world with action where there is no gap between those who want to make a change and those who know how to. He created the 12.01 Project, a web platform and production company that maximizes the impact of documentaries with a cause. It creates and hosts documentaries and using an innovative model turns them into a powerful resource and active community for change.

Pierre (Argentina)

Founder, 12.01 Project

Vanessa envisions a world where all children are able to learn and grow. She created Play Forward, which uses sport to build confidence and self esteem amongst disadvantaged youth. Play Forward exists to enable children to learn and grow, through the power of play, regardless of their background.

Vanessa (Australia)

Founder, Play Forward

Igor dreams of changing paradigms and encouraging society to think differently translating the entertainment-generated ecstasy into measurable impact. He created THT, which helps organizations grown and impact through emotion driven solutions.

Igor (Brazil)

Founder, THT

Walaa dreams of providing a source of hope to women living in devastating conditions and give them a means to make a living for them and their families. She created Bella Handmade Jewelry; a Palestine-themed jewelry brand that works on empowering and providing job opportunities to women in refugee camps.

Walaa (Palestine)

Founder, Bella Handmade Jewelry

Zach wants to fight malnutrition by making affordable nutritious food available to everyone. He created Nannofood, a company enabling people globally to grow algae as a nutrient-dense food source.

Zach (USA)

Founder, Nannofood

Gustavo and Joao envision a generation of young people fully aware of their potential and the way they can harness it to build their dream career. They created Descobrindo o Sonho Jovem (DSJ), which develops self-awareness and proactivity among young people in Brazilian communities (favelas).

Gustavo & Joao (Brazil)

Founder, Descobrindo o Sonho Jovem (DSJ)