Fellows Class 1: 2014-2015 Class

This class represents 17 fellows, 11 countries, and 10 social businesses.

MAD Experience helps you fundraise for and go on life-changing impact volunteering trips.

Charu (Malaysia)

Founder, MAD Experience

MobiCure is developing an Android-based application to help West African mothers take control of their and their child’s health.

Charles (Nigeria)

Founder, MobiCure

Little Marios uses coffee waste to grow mushrooms, giving people with barriers to employment an income source and training.

Hao (Malaysia)

Founder, Little Marios

GreenChar creates life and earth-saving cookware for underdeveloped areas. GreenChar produces charcoal briquettes that replace wood and emit mosquito-repelling scents, and plans to expand into producing efficient and health-safe cook stoves.

Yina (Kenya)

Director of Operations, Green Char

Play Forward helps young Australians build confidence and self-esteem through sport.

Vanessa (Australia)

Founder, Play Forward

Rise Africa Rise creates African-inspired clothing and accessories while providing work to those facing gender or societal barriers.

Roy (South Africa)

Founder, Rise Africa Rise

Data4Good uses graphic design and data to expose social issues, promote transparency, and highlight solutions.

Tatiana (Brazil)

Founder, Data4Good

ToGarantido is an online micro-insurance platform which helps people access high quality insurance at a lower price.

Rafael (Brazil)

Founder, ToGarantido

Aporé creates creative leaders in schools and universities by providing innovation workshops.

Marina (Brazil)

Founder, Aporé

1 Slum 100 Computers provides computer and entrepreneurship training to disadvantaged Kenyan youth.

Venuste (Kenya)

Founder, 1 Slum 100 Computers

Retalhar works empowers small seamstress groups to upcycle disposed fabrics into the market.

Lucas (Brazil)

Founder, Retalhar

ASID helps schools become more accessible for the handicapped.

Luiz (Brazil)

Founder, Social Action for the Equality of Differences