Turning crisis into opportunities

agosto 5, 2020

Today our August Webinar Series about Building the New “Normal”: Social Entrepreneurship after COVID-19 officially begun!
We were joined by 5 of our fellows to discuss about turning crisis into opportunities, the challenges of social entrepreneur in today’s context, and what the future looks like in this field after COVID-19.

If you couldn’t make it to the Live Webinar, you can check the recording here!

Our Y&Y Fellows joined us in the panel, get to know a little about them and their exciting projects around the world!

Samwel Tobiko (moderator): Samwel started Smart Shamba, a social enterprise that strives to contribute to solving some of the hardest challenges in the world today like food security and climate change. He has extensive experience in developing and implementing digital solutions that seek to transform livelihoods of smallholder farmers.

Sameera Chukkapalli: Founder of Needlab, a Non-profit organisation aimed to solve problems related to habitat and urban resilience in cities and rural communities. Needlab has completed 46 projects on 4 continents – directly impacting more than 5000 people. She’s currently working on “House for all” initiative which is a transdisciplinary based methodology that combines primacy of science and practice to sustainably solve the societal problem of secondary and tertiary homelessness.

Saje Molato: Social entrepreneur specializing in youth development, capacity building, and public-private partnerships based in the Philippines. In 2016, he developed his first social enterprise, The Model City Council, which works with civil society and government partners in creating a unique platform for young people to start social impact projects in their villages with the necessary mentorship, funding, and technical assistance.

Baitulhusna Ahmad: Founder of Nazkids, a social business that empowers local women through entrepreneurship by creating a baby clothing brand. Nazkids grew from only one beneficiary into owning a facility to serve the community in Jitra, Kedah (Malaysia). Nazkids had been recognized and accredited as a Social Enterprise in Malaysia by Ministry of Entrepreneurship Development and Cooperative, Malaysia.

Kasha Slavner: Gen-Z filmmaker/photographer/writer, passionate global youth leader & social justice advocate. She’s been a social entrepreneur since the age of 8. This passion for social entrepreneurship led her to discover photography and she launched a line of fundraising greeting cards called Kasha’s Cards of Kindness. Her love of storytelling through photography inspired her to become a documentary filmmaker.

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