Leave no one behind: ensuring an inclusive future

agosto 19, 2020

Today we hosted our last Webinar of our August Series. We were joined by 5 of our fellows from Nigeria, Mozambique, Bangladesh, France and Kenya to discuss about Ensuring an inclusive future.

Our fellows talked about the importance of diversity and inclusivity, empowering others, and speaking up to take action. We learned about their inspiring journeys as Social Entrepreneurs and the way they had approach their advocacy for different issues and have taken the first step towards social change.

“Start with ONE person and then build your Community.”

If you couldn’t make it to the event, we invite you to watch the recording of this amazing and insightful discussion.

Get to know a little more about our speakers!

Carla Reinagel has always wanted to make the world a better place, and has had many adventures in seeking how to do so. She traveled the world and taught English in Bangladesh and China before getting married and moving to Mozambique right after graduating from university. She and her husband, Jon, worked for three years with a relief organization that ran orphanages and food distributions among other things. During that time, however, through study and experience they discovered that Mozambique didn’t need relief as much as it needed development.

Amanda Obidike is the Founding Curator of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Shapers, Ozubulu hub and Executive Director of STEMi Makers Africa. In this role, she provides leadership, strategy management and oversees the design and implementation of sustainable Community projects across 17 Sub-Saharan countries by preparing the next generation of Africans with STEM lucrative skills for Africa’s workforce. 

Muhammad Sumon has been in software development for 7+ years and designing efficient, scalable, and secure technology solutions. Besides being a software engineer, he loves to promote coding to the youth. Currently, he is working as a Software Engineer, Transportation Network at Seven Senders GmbH. He is a Royal Society of Arts fellow, One Young World ambassador, Theirworld Global Youth ambassador, and Yunus&Youth fellow. He is the founder of Klassroom, which is an educational platform and aims to empower the youth by providing quality skills development training and mentorship to battle the youth’s biggest problems – unemployment, lack of skills.

Amélie J. Mariage is a changemaker and advocate for children’s rights to access inclusive education in Spain and around the world. She believes that innovation in education is a proven path to inclusion and a bridge to opportunity. She founded Aprendices Visuales, an award-winning tech for good whose use the power of visual learning to teach and to enable children to develop their full potential. They created a series of online courses, ebooks and apps with pictograms that are used by more than 1 million children worldwide.

Beverly holds a bachelor’s degree in Genomic Science. She has over 3 years of professional experience having worked in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. She recently concluded her Fellowship Program at Innovations in Healthcare, where she was running a student entrepreneurship and innovation program called Making More Health Venture4Change – Kenya to create sustainable innovations towards improving hygiene and sanitation in Kenya’s low resource setting. She has also worked with international health organizations and donor agencies such as the Global Fund For TB, AIDS and Malaria as the Hervoice Ambassador Kenya.

We want to thank our fantastic Y&Y Fellows for their time and perspectives about ensuring an inclusive future and using our tools and resources to empower others and have a positive impact in our communities and the world!


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