Apply for the Global Fellowship Program for Social Entrepreneurs 2018

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[Deadline: March 18th, 11:59 EST]

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These are the main questions that you will need to complete in your online submission:

Tell us about your social business

  • Social Business Name
  • Website
  • Facebook Page
  • Describe your social business in one or two sentences.
  • Are you legally incorporated? Please specify the country and the legal form. (100 characters)
  • When was your social business started?
  • What social problem do you want to solve? (300 characters)
  • How does your social business solve that problem? (500 characters)

Tell us about your customers & revenue model

  • Who are your beneficiaries/users? (300 characters)
  • Who are your paying customers? Are they different from your beneficiaries? (300 characters)
  • How do you plan to acquire more customers? How do you plan to grow and scale? (300 characters)
  • How many customers have paid for your product/service in the past 12 months (since you have started working if less than 12 months)? (100 characters)
  • Who are your competitors and how are you different from what they offer? (500 characters)
  • What kind of evidence do you have that your solution works/will work? (300 characters)
  • What is the most important measure/indicator of your success? (100 characters)
  • What are your main expenses? (300 characters)
  • What is your revenue model? How does your social business makes money?

Tell us about your team

  • Who are the founders?
  • Who are the other team members?
  • What roles/people/knowledge is your team missing?