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By being a Yunus&Youth mentor you will work with exceptional young social entrepreneurs towards implementing impactful solutions addressing social problems.

 Regular Mentors


 Who are Y&Y regular mentors?

Regular mentors are impact makers with broad and relevant experience either in growing a business, solving a social problem throughout a social business approach or supporting those who do.

How does it work?

Regular mentors are paired in a one-on-one relationship with a innovative young social entrepreneur with the aim of encouraging the fellow to develop to their fullest potential and support them build, develop or expand their social business venture along a six month program.

You will meet as often as your schedules permit you and be able to support a social business entrepreneur from the very initial stage of setting up their social enterprise through expanding and scaling the impact of their business.

What’s the impact of a regular mentor?

As a regular mentor your will be immersed in a mutual learning partnership that helps young social business entrepreneurs through important transitions in their lives. It can be a personal challenge in terms of developing certain core skills or a professional endeavor in terms of setting up or scaling their social business venture.

The outcomes of a successful mentoring relationship are creating possibilities and providing guidance in a relationship of trust; bringing visions to life; enabling people to achieve and make significant transitions in knowledge, work or thinking towards making the world a better place while fostering an economic sustainable growth.

 Expert Mentors

Who are Y&Y expert mentors?

Expert mentors come from the corporate or start-up world. They are professionals with sharp profiles and in-depth expertise in a determined field ranging from business strategy, impact investing, fundraising, marketing, arts, web development and so on.

 How does it work?

1 – The Y&Y team will invite you to sign in to our platform in which you will be required to import your LinkedIn account data or fill some brief personal and professional information.

2- Social entrepreneurs will be able to see your profile and express interest to arrange a meeting accordingly. However, before the meeting is confirmed the Y&Y team comes in.

3- We want to make sure every step, effort and meeting is relevant and impactful as possible so each and every one of our main stake holders spend their time wisely. That’s why before the meeting is arranged the Y&Y team will analyze and confirm if the interaction between both parts involved is aligned towards the fellow’s social business goals and strategy as a whole.

4- Even though Y&Y expert mentors don’t get paired one-on-one to a fellow along the six month fellowship program, they get to work in a dynamic and challenging environment with extraordinary diverse social entrepreneurs around the world.


What’s the impact of an expert mentor?

Expert mentors are extremely valuable for our fellows as they help them boost their social businesses among specific areas of expertise.

Just to set an example, a fellow could be working with their regular mentor along the 6 month program in a social business app that consists of helping people to get more conscious about their sugar levels and have a nutritious plan accordingly. However to do so, the development of a user friendly app without technical bugs will be core to get the social business going, but due to lack of expertise and funds the fellow can’t improve the current technology he has.

Here is where your user experience and app development skills comes in.

By relevant interactions and resources given by the Y&Y team you will work together in a challenging and impactful environment in which your input will be crucial to the fellow’s social business development and growth.


If you would like to be a mentor, we would love to hear from you! Contact us below and start making an impact today. One of our team members will be in touch as soon as possible.